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Neff Ranch is a small, boutique farming operation located in sunny Orange County, California. We nurture approximately 4,000 Valencia orange trees, 1,000 Haas avocado trees, and a small variety of Meyer lemons, blood oranges, limes, tangerines and grapefruit. Our production volume varies from year to year, depending upon weather and growing conditions.

While Neff Ranch oranges have certainly caused a local stir, it is our fresh squeezed orange juice that is our most sought-after product. This signature blend is carefully hand-picked and freshly squeezed less than 24 hours before being sold locally at farmers markets.

The Neff Ranch team takes great pride in our products and being responsible growers. Our groves are equipped with low-flow, water conserving irrigation and fertilizing systems. Our fruits and juices are sold exclusively at local farmers markets, further minimizing environmental impacts associated with transportation while ensuring the highest quality and freshest fruits and juices available.

We hope you enjoy our delicious fruits and juices.


Don Neff
Neff Ranch

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"The Suburban Farmer" - Winter 2013

Greetings... It's Avocado Time!

The first quarter of 2013 has begun, and with it we kicked off the Neff Ranch Avocado harvest. We started harvesting late January and hope to continue into August. Our fruits are creamy, delicious, and already a hit with our local farmersí market crowds.

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