Case Studies

Chiquita Canyon Orchard

At the Chiquita Canyon Orchard in Rancho Mission Viejo, we were given the opportunity to be a part of the Esencia Master-Planned Community.

The Benefits of Urban Agriculture

Our work with orchards in urban and suburban settings has placed us on the forefront of Urban Agriculture. We are proud that our orchards enhance neighborhoods and mitigate the environmental impacts of traditional agriculture.

Orchards vs. Ornamental Landscapes

Years of data collected from the Emerson orchard in Tustin conclusively shows that the avocado orchard used less water and cost less to install than a typical upper-end ornamental landscape.

Emerson Ranch

At the Emerson Ranch in Tustin, we were given the opportunity to expand our farming repertoire.

Yorba Linda Ranch

This twenty-acre orchard is where our journey into nurturing tree crops first began. Spared from development because of its location within the Santa Ana river flood plain, this old, 60s-era Valencia orchard had a myriad of problems that had to be remedied before it could be brought into profitable production.

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